Fat-Shaming Never Works

I saw this today on Facebook:

What gets me is why people think that harassing someone (for any reason) will make that person change. Maybe they’re just mean or maybe they’re teenagers being teenagers but either way, IT’s WRONG. I’m glad she has the guts to stand up to it.

But here’s the thing: it happens all the time. Fat-shaming happens in doctor’s offices, in grocery stores, at family events. People seem to feel free to comment on other people’s weight without thinking about whether their comments are helpful or harmful.

When a fat person goes to the doctor for an ear infection and they end up getting a lecture about their weight, that’s fat-shaming. When a fat person gets dirty looks from other customers at a grocery store for putting junk food in their cart, that’s fat-shaming. When a family member says “I’m just concerned about your health”,  it’s just another way of saying “I hate how fat you are” and it’s fat-shaming.

The funny thing is that many fat people are perfectly healthy and many skinny people are unhealthy. You cannot judge someone’s health by their size or weight. But even if you could, is shouting “fat ass” to a large-sized person going to help that person?

No wonder Pat Lyons, MS RN, author of Great Shape: The First Fitness Guide for Large Women said “if shame could cure obesity, there wouldn’t be a fat woman in the world.”

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